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Friday: The party begins with the announcement of the Carnival and with the reading of the Carnival’s Crida infantil (child appeal). Later there are colorful children's shows, batucadas and the reception of King Carnestoltes, who is accompanied by the streets of Grau. At night there are different musical events for the entertainment of young people and adults.

Saturday: The second day of the Carnival starts with the children's parade and has very varied activities such as magic shows or DJ events that extend to the Grand Carnival Parade, which takes place in the afternoon. Musical performances become the protagonists once night arrives.

Sunday: Although the gastronomic and children's activities continue their course, the bulk of the events of the last day of Carnival begins in the afternoon, with the Sardine Velatory and the Sardine Parade as main activities. The Carnival of Grau concludes with the traditional Burial of the Sardine.