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The cycle of concerts 'Nits d'estiu a l'ermita de la Magdalena', organized by the Castelló City Council through the council of Ermitas and the Patronat de Festes, has concluded after a series of successful performances that have taken place throughout the month of August. It has been during every Saturday of the month when the citizens of Castelló have been able to approach the emblematic place to enjoy the music of different local artists.

The event started on August 1 with the performance of ska and rocksteady by Bandits and continued on August 8 with Lidón Patiño and his flamenco show. The music of the sixties came to the Magdalena thanks to Heatwaves on August 15, while on August 22 it was the turn of Exfan and its alternative sound. The conclusion of the event was carried out by Yei Yi & Co, led by Jesús Gallardo and who flooded the Magdalena hermitage with jazz.

'Nits d'estiu a l'ermita de la Magdalena' has been a success that has attracted citizens to the hermitage under a starry cloak every Saturday in August. Of course, it has done so respecting strict security measures as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, such as respect for social distance, limited capacity or the obligation to enjoy the full show while wearing a mask.

Below you can see pictures of the concerts.

Concierto de Bandits


Concierto de Lidón Patiño


Concierto de Heatwaves


Concierto de Exfan


Concierto de Yei Yi & Co