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When is Carnival celebrated?

Carnival is a celebration that takes place immediately before Christian Lent (which begins with Ash Wednesday), and has a variable date (between February and March according to the year).


Castelló's Carnival activities

El Grau de Castelló also lives the Carnival party every year, which fills the streets of the city's marine district with the colorful costumes and overflowing joy that often accompanies these parties. Children and adults go out to the streets of Grau to convey the joy of these parties to all neighbors and visitors. Saturday morning is dedicated to the little ones, with many activities to have fun, while in the afternoon and evening it is the fun time for the elderly. The Carnival parade runs through the Grau and shows the costumes elaborated by the neighbors, with a fine sense of humor and a lot of imagination. Sunday is the day of the burial of the sardine, with the goodbye to these parties that will return the following year with the force of a tradition that every year explodes in the maritime district of Castelló.