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First Saturday: Magdalena starts with the commemorative firecrackers that officially announce the parties and precede the inaugural mascletà. Throughout the morning there are the opening of fairs such as the tapas and beer, the wine one, the taurine one, food trucks or craft market. The day continues with the Parade of the Pregó, the traditional Enfarolà del Campanar and concludes with various musical performances.

First Sunday: The big day of the festivities begins with the Despertà and the distribution of reeds and Magdalena ribbons. Then the Romeria de les Canyes starts and thousands of people walk together towards the Magdalena Hill. Once there, the tasting of a monumental paella occurs. After lunch takes place the Tornà, while in the afternoon and evening it is the time for the parade of gaiatas and musical shows.

From Monday to Friday: Throughout the week there are many remarkable and characteristic events. Among them are the Children's Parade of the Pregó, the first shootings of the mascletà contest, the Nit Magica, the International Party Music Festival, the fireworks, the taurine events, the theater plays, the children's entertainment acts, various parades and concerts of outstanding artists.

Last weekend: The major party of Castelló de la Plana concludes with the offering of flowers to the Mare de Déu del Lledó. During that weekend the last mascletaes and fireworks are also celebrated. Finally, the ending party parade, the final traca and the Magdalena Vítol put the finishing touch to a week of celebration and tradition.