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The Castelló City Council commemorates this Tuesday the 769th anniversary of the founding of the city with a symbolic act and without holding acts or events that may gather a high influx of people, as a precautionary and security measure against covid-19. Thus, to commemorate this outstanding date, the ringing of the bell Ángel of El Fadrí will take place later today at 12 o'clock, an act that will be witnessed by members of the municipal corporation.

"This year, the health emergency situation prevents us from celebrating this date as we would like, but it is an event that we carry in our hearts and that we want to commemorate as a people that has overcome many difficulties throughout history," said the mayoress from Castelló, Amparo Marco. "This year, more than ever, we want to remember our history as a people that, united, has always gone forward," she pointed out.

The Castelló City Council has chosen this year not to organize the extensive program of activities from previous years and to commemorate September 8 with a symbolic ringing of the bell Ángel of El Fadrí. "We must guarantee the safety of citizens and avoid any act that could lead to a concentration of people," she said.